Whether you need moderating, recruiting, or just the facility space,
we have everything you need for your next qualitative research project.
Focus Groups
Our two fully furnished focus group suites were designed for moderators, by moderators. The database we recruit from is kept current and clean, ensuring your project the best possible recruit. Our owners, Nancy Ulrich and Jim Flagg, have moderated thousands of focus groups and can provide any research consultation needed to move your project forward in the right direction.

Our ceiling mounted microphones and hidden cameras will make your respondents feel at ease. Each client lounge has a video feed monitor so you’ll never miss a beat if you need to make a private call. DVD and MP3 recordings of research sessions are also available and encouraged. Need to listen to the groups on your Smartphone later? No problem. We can send you a link to obtain those files from anywhere you have internet access.

Every client lounge, observation room and conference room is fully equipped with T1 high-speed internet connections as well as wireless access throughout the entire building. We also have several internet and electrical access points within each focus room. This . Additional technology is also available for any project that has unique specifications.

Website Usability Testing

Testing your website for usability has never been more important. Concepts in Focus provides both the infrastructure for usability testing, as well as the option to use our in-house usability experts to administer your research. While sitting behind our one-way mirror, clients can safely observe their target user browsing their website for information or trying to complete a series of specific tasks. Our usability software enables us to track the users every move and even facial expressions as they navigate your website.

Mock Juries

Believe it or not, many seasoned attorneys have never actually seen a jury break down to deliberate a case. We can provide an authentic court room experience to test your case among respondents who reflect the make up of an actual jury. While sitting safely behind a one-way mirror, clients can gain a more accurate understanding of the cognitive and emotional processes jury members go through when deciding a verdict. Mock juries often act as a strategy building session for our clients. By revealing a case’s strengths and weaknesses, from the jury’s point of view, our clients can proceed forward with a better understanding of the perceptions they give when delivering evidence.


We understand how crucial quality recruiting is to the outcome of any research project. Our database is filled with thousands of high quality respondents who could be recruited for your next project. Many of the recruiters on our staff have over 10 years of industry experience and take great pride in providing clients with the most qualified respondents. While working with Concepts in Focus you’ll receive daily progress updates as well as consultation from our project manager on getting the best respondents within your budget. We’re committed to delivering the best possible recruiting every time you visit us.


Our facility is also equipped to provide webcasting services that enable anyone, who isn’t physically present, to observe the research sessions over the internet in real-time. This can help with traveling costs and expenses as well as provide another option for those with a scheduling conflict. The webcasting services we are equipped to provide are ActiveGroup and Focus Vision.