Focus Groups

Our two fully furnished focus group suites here in Jacksonville Florida were designed for moderators, by moderators. All of our recruiting is done in-house by our experienced interviewers.  The database we recruit from is kept current and clean, ensuring your project the best possible recruit. Our owners, Nancy Ulrich and Jim Flagg, have moderated thousands of focus groups and can provide any research consultation needed to move your project forward in the right direction.

Our ceiling mounted microphones and hidden cameras will make your respondents feel at ease. Each client lounge has a video feed monitor so you’ll never miss a beat if you need to make a private call. DVD and MP3 recordings of research sessions are also available and encouraged. Need to listen to the groups on your Smartphone later? No problem. We can send you a link to obtain those files from anywhere you have internet access.

Every client lounge, observation room and conference room is fully equipped with T1 high-speed internet connections as well as wireless access throughout the entire building. We also have several internet and electrical access points within each focus room. Additional technology is also available for any project that has unique specifications.

To learn more about our focus group services please contact us or call our office at 904-264-5578.
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