Concepts In Focus’ Response to COVID-19

Entering Concepts in Focus

  • Before gaining entry into the testing facility all respondents will be asked several health questions
  • Temperatures will be checked upon arrival for all staff, clients & participants. Temperature must be below the current CDC guidelines to be on-site (100.4 F / 38 C temporal)

Inside Concepts in Focus

  • Staff will wear masks and gloves (when appropriate) during the study.
  • Respondents must wear masks when entering the facility. They will be given a one-time disposable mask to wear while at RDTeam.
  • Doors at each office entrance will be propped open when possible to allow for hands-free entrance.
  • Reception areas have an acrylic divider at the front desk for safety.
  • Respondents must show ID through the acrylic divider; no physical contact with the staff. The seating area is configured for appropriate Social Distancing.

Sanitation Station

  • After hostess check-in, respondents will be directed to a sanitation station and then directed immediately into the testing area.

Testing Areas

  • Testing facility has been redesigned to adhere to social distancing guidelines keeping 6’ between respondents.
  • At your seat, you will be asked to sign a waiver before you start the study (holding RDTeam harmless for your participation in studies at our facility in regards to the Covid-19 outbreak).
  • Confidentiality forms will now be online as part of the survey.
  • Participants must be willing to remove their masks during the study if necessary when tasting samples

Respondent Booths

  • Constant cleaning in all areas of the facility – Reception area, lobby, doors & doorknobs, tabletops, chairs, counters, kitchen area, and bathrooms.
  • Monthly atomized disinfecting with aerosol over all surfaces (this disinfecting works continuously between treatments).
  • Staff will sanitize between each session with extra time allotted for thorough cleaning of all surfaces.
  • Staff will continuously wear masks and gloves for the study duration; changing gloves frequently as needed.
  • Staff will wear gloves when appropriate.