Whether you require an end-to-end solution or need us to step in to provide support for your project in any way, RDTeam’s project managers, recruiters and RIVA trained moderators are available when you need them to provide seamless a la carte services in our Pennsylvania and Florida locations and nationwide with our network of partner facilities.


Panel Management


Some product manufacturers prefer to conduct research using individuals who have prior experience with a particular product. This provides the benefit of having an exclusive group of likers and users available to validate and verify product changes. The availability of a pre-assembled, proprietary panel also provides benefits in efficiency and cost effectiveness.

RDTeam can recruit and manage proprietary database panels based on any criteria, including age ranges, ethnicities, product usage, competitive usage, frequency of use and other highly niche-specific factors. Panel participants can be recruited from one or multiple geographic locations, and testing can be conducted anywhere.

Some clients rely on RDTeam to develop and manage their proprietary panel, and to conduct all necessary research. Other clients prefer to have us build the panel and then turn it over to them for their own internal research. Whatever your preference, Research Design Team can meet your needs.

Analytical Testing

  • Product Optimization
  • Fulfillment & Satisfaction Analysis
  • Proportion Testing, Penalty Analysis
  • Conjoint / Discrete Choice Modeling
  • Perceptual Mapping
  • Segmentation
  • Derived Importance vs. Stated
  • ANOVA, Mean Separation, TURF Analysis
  • Conjoint, MAXDIFF
  • Simulations
  • Brand Equity
  • Key Driver Analysis
  • Line Optimization
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Sample Matching and Propensity
  • Survey Data & “Big” Data Integrity
  • Marketing Mix Modeling

Database Development


Before research can be conducted, people need to be identified. RDTeam is continually growing and refining a database of individuals pre-qualified for research studies and product testing. Our local database of panelists is defined by category, age, ethnicity, geographic location and many other criteria to assure that the right individuals are chosen for a particular study. RDTeam employs a database management staff focused solely on this key capability.



RDTeam’s recruitment success goes beyond tracking down your precise target and convincing them to participate in your study. When researchers meet their respondents, they need the assurance that participants will be able to interact and express themselves effectively, that they are accustomed or comfortable with the technology being deployed, and cooperative and engaged with the techniques being used. RDTeam’s recruiters are long-time members of our team who’s precision and talent in selecting respondents is appreciated by our clients. There is an increasing demand by qualitative research professionals for complex and diverse respondents. Our ability to meet the challenge is based on an exceptionally trained and driven team of project managers and recruiters.

Project Management


Our capable, solution-oriented project management team always delivers results on time and on budget. Our project managers are able to visualize a project through to completion in order to proactively prepare for any contingency, providing clients with complete peace of mind as well as consultative updates throughout the project lifecycle.

Field Services


Whatever you need to know, and wherever you need to test, RDTeam can make it happen efficiently and cost effectively. Resourceful and innovative, we have the capability and experience to conduct large-scale research in multiple markets as well as highly defined small-scale studies. With two highly customizable locations and a network of nationwide partner facilities, RDTeam can conduct research without limits. Our national and local databases with 350,000+ respondents, online recruiting capabilities and flexible approach to research and data collection enables us to tailor participants and methodologies to your exact goals. Upon request, we provide field management services typically for multi-city projects that allow you to focus on other critical functions of the project. Examples of our field management services include venue procurement, vendor selection & management, and screener development.

Data Collection


The results of a qual or quant study you complete at one of our facilities or of online surveys or any other support services you request are in the super efficient hands of our project managers and will be delivered to you quickly and in user-friendly formats including, for example, data files, audio / visual products, online or paper survey results.

Focus Group Facility Rental


We have traditional and European-style focus group rooms, large multi-purpose rooms, large kitchens with multiple amenities available in our Limerick, PA and Jacksonville, FL locations. At RDTeam, we make it our priority to address all your moderating needs, and them some! Our attention to detail provides you with a sense of ease that allows you to focus on your groups and your clients. After more than 25 years in the industry, we understand all of your and your clients’ needs and wants. The RDTeam staff are perfectionists whose goal is flawless project execution. Use the links below to view our facilities and feel free to call us for more information!

Mock Jury Services


Our facility is equipped with 3 large conference rooms (Two of which have direct viewing rooms). Our facility staff includes professionally RIVA trained  moderators experienced in conducting Focus Groups, One-on-One interviews and Mock Juries. We have a robust database of over 30,000 potential respondents representing national demographics and segments. Our facility has highly secure audio/video recording and livestreaming services with an additional private and secure online meeting platform.

To ensure our facility is comfortable while you conduct research, we also have private client lounges stocked with snacks, beverages, coffee, and teas along with staff that are happy to fill any request you may have. We also offer catering options for large groups of clients.