Reducing Risk, Revealing Opportunity

No matter what product you sell, success hinges on your ability to give customers what they want. Whether the purchase trigger is realted to a need, a desire, an emotion, or a visual sensory attraction, Concepts in Focus knows how to determine what drives your target audience. Our expertise helps reduce risk and reveal opportunities – so you can make strategic decisions with confidence.



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Category Expertise

Personal & Home Care Products
RDTeam has the experience and knowledge to bring consumers’ needs and wishes into view for major product creators and innovators, enabling them to move forward with actionable insights and confidence in their strategy.
Food & Beverage
Helping to optimize consumer food and beverage products has been at the heart of RDTeam for over 25 years. Our sensory science expertise has earned us the trust of top CPG companies who rely on us for actionable insights at every stage of their product’s life cycle.
Packaging Design & Graphics
What are the perceptions and motivations that drive brand choice and to what extent are color, design and material influencing purchase decisions? RDTeam helps clients see through the eyes of the consumer so they are able to set clear and relevant goals for new package design.
RDTeam knows how to reveal consumer priorities in OTC products and drill down on exactly what will make them want to choose one product over another on a crowded shelf space.
Children's Products & Toys
The children’s product market is growing and moms are savvy and intelligent purchasers who want safe, healthy, high quality products.
Advertising & Concept Testing
Major CPG companies choose RDTeam to test their concepts, positioning and messaging and help them to develop rich, actionable insights into consumer attitudes, preferences, and future purchase intentions.
Financial & Insurance Services
Financial and insurance marketers rely on us to deliver clarity on how to accelerate development of new services, positioning, messaging, naming, and more. Do you have a vivid picture of your customer’s path to purchase? We can help you understand the best ways to influence behavior and improve the customer experience.
Legal Services
Lawyers and their firms have come to realize that mock juries play an essential role in the preparation for some trials. Providing a window into the jurors’ decision process, mock trials help lawyers identify the stronger and weaker elements of their case.

Our Facilities

Our facilities in Limerick, PA (Philadelphia market) and Orange Park, FL (Jacksonville market) are full technologically enabled and equipped with comfortable conference rooms for focus groups as well as backroom areas for client observation.

Testing rooms are flexible by design, enabling us to transform our spaces into kitchens, washrooms, classrooms, and testing areas for virtually any product