Testing Methodologies

Quantitative Testing

  • Central Location Tests
  • Home-Use-Test
  • On-line surveys
  • Testing Booths

Quantitative Testing

  • Focus Groups
  • IDI’s
  • Dyads/Triads
  • In-home interviews
  • In-store interviews

Analytical Testing

  • ANOVA, Mean Separation, Turf Analysis
  • Proportion Testing, Penalty Analysis
  • Fulfillment & Satisfaction Analysis
  • Conjoint, Max-Diff
  • and many more

Websites Usability


Testing your website for usability has never been more important. Concepts in Focus provides both the infrastructure for usability testing, as well as experienced moderators if needed to work with respondents. While sitting behind our one-way mirror in either of our highly-rated focus group suites, clients can safely observe their target user browsing their website for information or trying to complete a series of specific tasks. Our usability software enables us to track the users every move and even facial expressions as they navigate your website.

To get a bid for a website usability study contact us or call our office at 904-264-5578.

Mock Juries


Our focus group suites provide the perfect facilities for mock juries. Our spacious viewing room in the Kingsley suite has enough space for almost any size team to comfortably view the proceedings. Both focus group suites provide built in video and audio recording as well as both wireless and plug-and-go connections to the Internet. This allows the team to conduct one trial and split the respondents into multiple juries to get multiple possible responses to the arguments.

Believe it or not, many seasoned attorneys have never actually seen a jury break down to deliberate a case. We can provide an authentic court room experience to test your case among respondents who reflect the makeup of an actual jury. While sitting safely behind a one-way mirror, clients can gain a more accurate understanding of the cognitive and emotional processes jury members go through when deciding a verdict. Mock juries often act as a strategy building session for our clients. By revealing a case’s strengths and weaknesses, from the jury’s point of view, our clients can proceed forward with a better understanding of the perceptions they give when delivering evidence.

To get a bid or learn more about our mock jury services, contact us or call our office at 904-264-5578.